Pinterest finds that I found, tried, and loved

Pinterest has really spurred on my own creativity mentally, but I never really took time to actually DO many of the ideas that I found.  I finally took time to try some projects and ideas out, and thought I would share a few outcomes.  I broke them down in categories:  beauty, faith, recipes, marriage, finances, and diy.

1)  One of the first blogs that I will share that I found on pinterest is MaKeover with McKi.  She has a blog about fitness, fitness after baby, fashion, hair, and make up.  Here is the site:

One post that I tried and really liked is her hair extension post.  She tells how to get cheap hair extensions from Sally’s Beauty store that actually look natural.  It is cheaper too.  They are $50-60 compared to the $400 that they are at salons.  Here is the tutorial video:

I tried them.  I thought they blended well.  I have red hair, so it is hard to find the perfect color.  If you have blonde or brown hair, you will have an easier time finding a match.  Also, these are removable and they last up to a year or more.  I don’t pay to have my hair colored, so this is a cheap way for a little spruce.  Here was my result:


Justin was funny about this project.  He said that I have no idea where the extensions came from, so he joked and made up stories where he thought they were from.  Cracked me up, but he did finally admit that he liked how it looked:)

2)  Another helpful site that I found was a Bible study tool.  It is from  She has different ways to read the Bible in a year.  Justin and I are currently doing one plan where you read from 4 areas of the Bible each day:  a chapter from the beginning of the Old Testament (ex Genesis), a chapter from the beginning of the New Testament (ex. Matthew), a chapter from the middle of the Old Testament (ex Ezra), and then a chapter from the middle of the New Testament (ex Acts).

Along with the Bible reading, there are 4 questions to ask after each chapter:

  1. Which verse in this chapter stood out as I read through the passage?
  2.  How can I summarize this chapter in three or four sentences?
  3.  What does this chapter or the verse I chose in question 1 mean to me?
  4.  How can I apply this chapter or the verse from question 1 today?

Here is a link to the Bible reading plan:  You click on download free printable reading plan and it will give you a check off list of what to read everyday.  Love it:)

3)  It’s fall weather and I love the season.  I am a summer girl, but I think I love fall just as much.  The cozy sweaters and boots,  Starbucks Carmel Apple Spice, fall decorating, pumpkin recipes, crisp fall walks with the leaves falling, bonfires, corn mazes and hayrides, etc.

For the pinterest recipe find that I tried, I thought I would share one that would be comforting and delicious for fall.  I am not a cook.  Justin gets about 2 burnt meals a week and we have been married for 5 years!  (No joke, I think I am scared of undercooking things:)  However, this is a recipe I could even make and it tasted good:

slow cooker beef stew - I am so going to make this as soon as it gets cooler

4)  For the marriage find, I liked this site:

Nice things to do for your husband... Just because!

You may have heard about Gary Chapman’s five love languages (time, affection, words, service, and gifts).  This site doesn’t talk about that, but it has ideas to do for your spouse that incorporates these love languages.  I think it is important to include all the love languages in a marriage even if you have a more strong need for one more than others.  This blog has a cute, easy list that can give you fresh ideas for your marriage.

You can cater it to your spouse’s interests.  For example, instead of buying him new tools, I bought Justin the running shoes he has been wanting and surprised him after a long clinical day.  I also knew he had a busy day coming up at work, so the night before I wrote him post it notes of things that I love about him or just jokes to make him laugh (we like corny jokes in this house) and I put them all over the inside of his car.  They are easy ideas to show your spouse you love them.

5)  Finances.  I pin/like different Dave Ramsey Financial Peace ideas like the quick budget on pinterest.  However, I am now taking this class at my church.  I just started the Financial Peace class, but there has been great information so far about how to start saving for an emergency fund and paying off debt.  I am excited about using this info for the next chapter of our lives.

Jan 6...( thing in my bad, in my fridge, in my heart) 16. the gift of CASH in my bag....thanks to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace classes.  Feels so good to be living debt free.  17. Gift of salad love love a chopped salad!! 18. The gift of love in my heart for my husband and my kids.

Here is the website:

6) DIY (do it yourself).  I admit that I am not that crafty or good at art.  I am starting to really like crafty things those and want to get good at it.  These projects below are either not started or not finished, but they are on the list to try.

These canvas photos are what I want to put in our master bedroom  There is a tutorial of how to make them.

Do this with wedding photos and hang behind our bed.

We are working on the nursery now.  We are getting some ideas from this (pottery barn kids) and I am going to make letters of baby girl’s name (we finally picked a name!)  I got the supplies from JoAnn’s Fabrics.  I also have most of the decorating planned just now have to do it and try to find cheap ways to do it.

Pottery Barn Kids Harper & Mini Dot Nursery on  I love this bedding in the light pink with the chevron sheets

This is also something I found on pinterest that I want to make for our fireplace.  Anyone up for a crafting day?  Let me know:)

Autumn Fireplace Penant Banner: Tutorial

I could post a lot more (you understand!)  I don’t always use this site as much as I did when I first was introduced to it, but it is a great resource for everything imaginable!  Please feel free to share any finds that you have loved:)

Hope you have a blessed day!  ~Lindsey

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